Electropolishing Case Study: Multi-alloy assembly used in medical application needing purification

#1048 Brite Ultracleaning/Decorative



Medical/Dental - Manufacturers of medical devices and tools


Machining, brazing and mechanical polishing


303, 304, 17-4 stainless steel and silver brazing compound


The part needs to be free of contaminants for use in a surgical environment. In addition, excess brazing had to be removed to improve the overall aesthetics. Finally, there was a need to enhance the corrosion resistance after brazing. The part is subjected to autoclave cleaning which can create corrosion in the heat affected zone.


The surfaces of the different metals are free of impurities after electropolishing, leaving the surface clean and passive for surgical use. Able has the ability to electropolish dissimilar metal assemblies while removing excess brazing compound in one step. Improving the overall appearance of the whole part is a by-product of the operation.

Note to engineer: Silver brazing is commonly used in manufacturing. As with other high temperature joining methods (welding, soldering, etc.), the presence of contaminants is high. We have significant experience in cleaning critical assemblies and can provide tips on design or fabrication methods that can reduce cost or improve overall quality. Contact our technical representatives for details.

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