ISO 15730 Standard of Electropolishing Stainless Steel

Set by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), ISO 15730 is the global standard for smoothing and passivating stainless steel by electropolishing. As a major provider of metal finishing services for manufacturers worldwide, Able Electropolishing consistently meets the high standards set by ISO 15730.

Smoothing & Passivating Stainless Steel

Electropolishing is a consistent, effective method for passivating stainless steel, and one that Able Electropolishing has been practicing and refining since 1954. The quality of our process enables us to meet the standards of ISO 15730.

As a reverse-plating process, electropolishing is a metal finishing service that removes a uniform, controlled amount of surface material from a metal part. Doing so eliminates the imperfections and embedded contaminants that serve as initiation sites for corrosion, which compromises the usability and the longevity of a part.

After electropolishing, stainless steel parts are left with a smooth microfinish that is highly passive and corrosion-resistant.

Electropolishing & Traditional Passivation

Electropolishing provides a more passive finish than traditional, chemical passivation methods. Unlike chemical passivation, electropolishing is an electrochemical process that provides superior corrosion resistance. It is also suitable for several popular grades of stainless steel that cannot be passivated, as well as welded or brazed parts that are similarly ineligible. By electropolishing stainless steel parts in accordance with ISO 15730, we provide a better, more passive finish that meets or exceeds industry standards.

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Electropolishing Process with the Highest Standards of Quality Control

For every successful project at Able Electropolishing, there is a meticulous, high-quality process at work behind the scenes. Our clients rely on us for precise and consistent results, customized to the demanding needs of industries like medical device manufacturing, food and beverage production – and industries like yours.