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Electropolishing Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is electropolishing?

Q. What services does Able Electropolishing provide?

Q. Is Able’s electropolishing process validated?

Q. What is the difference between passivation and electropolishing?

Q. Can you electropolish titanium?

Q. Where are you located?

Q. Is there a specification or standard that electropolishing is performed to?

Q. Is Able ISO 13485 certified?

Q. What information do you require in order to receive a quotation?

Q. What is your standard lead-time?

Q. Does Able provide “Bulk Electropolishing”?

Q. Can Able electropolish to a satin finish?

Q. What are your hours of operation?

Q. What is the typical material removal with electropolishing?

Q. Can Able electropolish carbon steel?

Q. What is the passivation process?

Q. What is electropolishing stainless steel?

Q. Which one is better, passivation or electropolishing?

Q. What is electropolishing good for?

Q. How do you know when to electropolish?

Q. Why is passivation necessary?

Q. How do you finish titanium?

Q. Can you electropolish blades?

Q. What is dental deburring?

Q. What is pickling stainless steel? 

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