Fire Safety Industry: Corrosion-Resistant Electropolished Parts

Electropolishing for the Fire Safety Industry

Many components that are used in firefighting apparatus are made from stainless steel. Due to the wet and corrosive environment that they are subjected to, there is always the chance for corrosion, which can adversely affect the equipment performance. For this reason, electropolishing has been specified for years by design engineers to extend the life of their parts. Whether the part has been machined, stamped, formed or welded, the finish is susceptible to attack from the elements.

Using Electropolishing Treatment on Metal Parts

Able Electropolishing has a number of customers who specialize in the fire safety industry who send us parts to enhance the corrosion resistance. One such customer sends us 420 stainless steel fasteners that are used by a major manufacturer of fire trucks. The electropolishing removes the outer skin of metal, which, in turn, removes embedded particulates that can be the initiation site for corrosion. In addition, the process removes micro-burrs on the threads, improves the surface finish and leaves the part with a bright, decorative finish.

Another one of our customers’ manufacturers fire hose nozzles and other firefighting accessories. Since 1988, this customer has sent us a variety of parts from clamps to springs for electropolishing. Electropolishing is a good fit for their stainless steel products, offering multiple benefits in one process. Their parts are returned with a bright, clean, passive surface and are ready for final assembly.

Enhanced Corrosion Resistance

Metal parts used for fire safety purposes must undergo metal finishing processes to remove any sites that could invite harmful corrosion. Fire safety equipment routinely receives an electropolishing, treatment, as this has proven to be the most effective means for removing embedded contaminants. Compared to passivation alone, electropolishing is 30 times more effective for improving corrosion resistance.

Removing Micro-burrs

Metal components used in the fire safety industry must be burr free to avoid a critical malfunction in the field. Electropolishing eliminates micro-burrs, micro-cracks and other contaminants that compromise part safety. Electropolished parts have a smooth, slightly radiused finish that cannot be achieved through mechanical polishing.

Improved Decorative Finish

Parts used in the fire safety industry must have a professional appearance. Parts that appear to be dull or dirty are unacceptable, and electropolishing can provide the necessary solution. Because electropolishing removes a uniform layer of surface material, the entire metal part will be left with a bright, ultraclean surface that will not fade over time—which is ideal for fire safety applications.

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