Electropolishing & Deburring Service for Chrome Alloys

Electropolishing for Multiple Types of Chrome

Though they are used for different applications, both cobalt-chrome and cobalt 21 are high-strength, high-stability alloys. Because of the different applications in which they are used, though, both of these alloys benefit from a finishing procedure that increases both strength and longevity. Cobalt 21 and cobalt-chrome electropolishing services eliminate surface imperfections, including contamination, making these parts safer and more suitable for their typical uses.

Cobalt-chrome Electropolishing Services

Cobalt-chrome is frequently used for medical and orthodontic implants, which must be free of surface-level contamination and other imperfections. Surface defects like micro cracks can harbor bacteria and moisture, leading to corrosion. Similarly, contaminants may be embedded in the surface material after machining, which can also compromise a part’s biocompatibility. Cobalt-chrome electropolishing services strip away the surface metal from a part, eliminating both surface imperfections like micro cracks and contaminants embedded in the surface material.

Cobalt 21 Electropolishing

A similarly high-strength alloy, cobalt 21 is frequently used for parts such as high-pressure valves, mixer blades and turbine components. If parts like these are manufactured with surface imperfections, it can compromise how they function and lead to expensive part failure. Contamination embedded in the surface of a mixer blade from the machining or mechanical polishing process, can lead to corrosion after being exposed to harsh solvents and chemicals. In addition, the electropolishing improves the cleanability reducing costly production downtime.

How Electropolishing Works

Electropolishing treats metal parts by submerging them in an electrochemical bath, which removes a uniform amount of surface material. When that material is removed, it leaves behind a smooth. passive surface free of cracks, pits and embedded contaminants. This procedure is suited for a wide variety of industries and parts of various shapes and sizes.

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