Electropolishing & Deburring Service for Hastelloy Alloys

Able Electropolishing has experience electropolishing Hastelloy alloys produced by Haynes International. Because these alloys are frequently used as critical components in nuclear and chemical processing equipment, they must be manufactured and finished carefully to prevent and/or eliminate surface imperfections. Hastelloy electropolishing operations remove a controlled, uniform layer of surface material from the part , eliminating imperfections like micro cracks, micro burrs, jagged edges and more than can compromise performance.

Electropolishing Hastelloy Alloys

Hastelloy alloys are generally chosen for their ability to withstand high-temperature and highly-corrosive environments. If the metal retains embedded contaminants or other surface imperfections after manufacturing, a part’s strength and corrosion resistance can be compromised.
Electropolishing Hastelloy parts removes surface imperfections like micro pits and cracks, which can harbor chemical particles, bacteria and moisture. The process used at Able Electropolishing also eliminates imperfections created by the manufacturing process, like burrs and jagged edges.

How Hastelloy Electropolishing Works

During the electropolishing process, Hastelloy parts are submerged in an electrochemical bath that removes a controlled, uniform layer of surface metal. This strips away imperfections and improves the Ra finish by as much as 50%.

Additionally, electropolishing Hastelloy parts is a practical sizing operation. Parts made of this material are used in demanding applications, and accurate sizing is critical. Electropolishing is frequently used as a sizing operation because it removes a uniform amount of surface material, even from complex parts not suited for other sizing operations. This allows us to size parts without warping their shape or altering their proportions.

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