Meat & Poultry Industry: Electropolishing Stainless Steel for Surface Improvement

Electropolishing for the Meat & Poultry Industry

The meat and poultry industry is one of the largest segments of the country’s agricultural production—and one of the fastest growing. Metal parts used in this industry must be completely sanitary and have a clean surface. Electropolishing can successfully remove contaminants and impurities from metal parts utilized in meat and poultry processing.


Our Electropolishing Experience

Able has a long history of electropolishing stainless steel components used in the meat and poultry industry.  One of our larger customers manufactures wire racks, screens, molds and bacon hangers out of 304 SS wire.  Electropolishing is specified on their products by the end customer who is a large producer of pork products, including bacon and lunch meat.  Following our electropolishing service, parts are improved for resistance against corrosion. They also have a clean, passive finish that is suitable for sanitary applications.

How Electropolishing Improves Metal Parts

Electropolishing solves multiple finish problems for metal parts used in the meat and poultry industries with one process.  After fabricating the various wire weldments, the components have black discoloration at the weld joints.  By removing ions from the surface, the electropolishing is effective in removing the outer skin of metal eliminating the discoloration in the heat-effected zone.  In addition, by removing the iron that rises to the surface during welding, our finish creates a chromium rich, passive surface that greatly enhances the corrosion resistance. Lastly, by removing the high peaks in the material the surface finish becomes smoother reducing product build-up and making the parts easier to clean. A clean, electropolished surface is less likely to harbor bacteria which could contaminate the meat.

Ultracleaning for Sanitary Application Usage

Our electropolishing services help effectively reduce the number of contaminants on metal parts for the meat and poultry industry. If parts are left untreated, bacteria like salmonella can accumulate over time and can be difficult to remove through chemical washing. To prevent this bacteria from forming, the parts can undergo electropolishing treatments for a smooth finish that reduces the presence of impurities.

Simplified Cleaning with Electropolishing

Equipment used in the meat and poultry industry is frequently used, and as a result, requires routine cleaning to maintain the utmost levels of sanitation. After Able performs their electropolishing service on the metal components, they can be cleaned much more easily. Since there is no coating to peel or abrade, the bright finish from electropolishing will keep the parts looking good indefinitely.

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