Electropolishing & Deburring Service for Niobium

Specialty alloys made with niobium are frequently used in applications with no room for error, like jet engines, turbines and even rockets. Surface imperfections left by the manufacturing process can render these parts unusable, or worse, cause damage to the assemblies in which they are used. By electropolishing niobium parts, you can eliminate surface imperfections like burrs and micro cracks, as well as embedded contaminants that can facilitate corrosion.

Niobium Electropolishing Services

Unlike metal finishing services that add plating or coatings to your parts, niobium electropolishing services remove the outer surface of metal unveiling the base metal. By submerging your part in an electrochemical bath, this process removes a controlled and uniform amount of material from the surface, leaving behind a finish that is smooth, clean and free of problematic imperfections.

Removing Imperfections

Surface imperfections even on the micro level can impede the performance of metal parts, which can be especially serious due to the critical applications for which niobium is frequently chosen. Due to its highly superconductive properties and temperature stability, it is used in MRI scanners and in nuclear applications.

Niobium electropolishing removes anomalies on the surface, creating a smooth and more conductive surface. Because of its precision and predictability, as well as the superior finish it creates, this metal finishing service is frequently incorporated as a final step in manufacturing.

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