Precision Electropolishing Services

Improve the Finish, Fit & Function of Your Critical Metal Parts

Achieve the highest-quality finish possible for your stainless steel, titanium, Nitinol, and other alloys with precise, repeatable results

Why Use Electropolishing?

The Able Electropolishing process is designed to eliminate metal surface quality issues beginning in the R&D and prototyping stage and continuing throughout a part's life cycle

Optimize Prototype & Part Design

  • Specify electropolishing to ensure optimal design for manufacturability prior to FDA approval and other certifications
  • Eliminate unnecessary finishing steps and cost
  • Meet passivation requirements with electropolishing
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Improve Surface Preparation

  • Prevent poor weldability
  • Avoid hydrogen embrittlement
  • Improve adhesiveness: for pre-plating and thermoplastic over-molding
  • Prevent adhesion to molds
  • Prepare for die penetrant testing
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Eliminate Machining & Welding Defects

  • Up to 50% improvement in surface finish (Ra)
  • Remove alpha case (titanium) and EDM recast layers
  • Eliminate embedded free iron, grinding compounds, oil, and light rust
  • Remove microscopic burrs, cracks, and rough edge radius
  • Prevent threaded part galling
  • Remove heat treat tint and scale
  • Remove the effects of carbide precipitation
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Maximize Part Performance

  • Increase fatigue life of parts that bend, flex and twist
  • Lower the risk of part failure
  • Prevent corrosion 30x more effectively than passivation
  • Prevent pathogen contamination
  • Improve the conductivity and prevent arcing of copper
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Able Is Trusted By:

The Able Electropolishing Advantage

While some services electropolish with little more than a vat of chemicals and off-the-shelf electrolytes, Able is a pioneer of the process and the world's largest electropolishing specialist, with 70 years of experience and a 50,000 square foot facility that runs 24/5. Combining deep metallurgy and automation expertise for almost any alloy, Able is the choice of industry leading manufacturers in aerospace, medical, food processing, semiconductor, and more.

Electropolishing Best Practices

Electropolishing 101 Webinar

You will learn how microscopically precise material removal will improve your critical metal parts. Lunch can be provided.

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Electropolishing Part Review

Send us your NDA and we’ll review your prints and design challenges via Microsoft Teams.

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Finish First Methodology

Learn how electropolishing—when specified upstream in the design process—eliminates a multitude of problems downstream, from corrosion to pathogen contamination to part failure.

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Try Electropolishing for Free

Send us your sample parts and we’ll electropolish them for free – we’ll even pay for the shipping. Samples are processed in 24-48 hours on production equipment.

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Turnkey Sourcing Service

Tap into our network of contract manufacturers, machine shops, and finishers – and have Able manage it all, from sourcing hard-to-find materials to various types of metal finishing.

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“…our customer put us up against a wall with an extremely hot job. Of course, Able was the last service required and you and your crew handled the passivating job flawlessly. You even completed it two hours sooner than originally promised. We needed every bit of that two hours to tie things up on our end. Thank you. Please also thank everyone involved on your end who helped us miraculously meet our deadline.”

– Kevin Graff, Owner & General Manager, NJC Machine Co.

“I don’t know who found Able for us to try the electropolishing route, but it’s a night and day difference.”

– Quality Manager, Fastener Manufacturer & Distributor

“Working with Able has been fantastic. When you really sit back and look at the amount of parts and all the (logistics) movement … they’ve done a pretty fantastic job of doing it all. You can send parts over there and everything gets taken care of.”

– Marine Hardware OEM & Able Trusted Supplier Network User

“We consider Able Electropolishing to be a key partner. They do great quality work, and because everything is customized, it’s very quality-focused. We always say that Able is like a big brother. We like how they handle communication, paperwork turnaround time, the finish… just the whole gamut. That’s why they’ve been such an integral part of our business.”

– Martha Salazar, Regional Sales Manager, Acme Wire Products

“My start up uses Able to electropolish and passivate some of our medical devices. They do high quality work with very short lead times. The results have been very consistent in terms of quality. Overall we were quite satisfied.”

– SB

“We use Able to electropolish and passivate some of our surgical instruments. They were able to work with our other suppliers and coordinated drop shipments so that we would get our instruments microfinished in time. Their customer service is very helpful.”

– M, R&D / Engineering


In our world class facility, we do more than meet international standards, we strive to exceed those standards. Contact us at to learn more.

View Able's ISO 9001 certificate and ISO 13485 certificate

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