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Able will remain fully operational during the “Shelter in Place” order by the State of IL in response to the COVID-19 Virus. Able Electropolishing has been deemed a critical service for the medical and defense industries so we are continuing our operations and should be exempt from any local, state or federal restrictions on business operations.

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Electropolishing: Which Metal Alloys Can Be Electropolished?

Electropolishing & Deburring Service for Copper Alloys

Electropolishing for Copper Alloys

Companies around the world submit their machined parts made from copper, for Able’s signature electropolishing treatment. Our electropolishing process enhances the functionality of parts by improving the microinch finish and leaving them free from harmful burrs. The parts are left in an ultraclean, passive state, which protects the finish from oxidation.

Benefits of Electropolishing for Copper

Electropolishing is an effective pre-plate finish for copper alloys.  After electropolishing the edges are deburred and slightly radiused, minimizing the plating build up on the edges.  The smooth, radiused surface is more conductive and the current is uniform with the spiking eliminated.  Many of our customers electropolish electrical contacts prior to gold plating.

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Electropolished Copper Case Study

A current customer sends us multiple beryllium copper contacts for a 2-way radio.  Their end customer was having performance problems due to poor conductivity.  Able solved the problem by electropolishing the parts and removing the die break around the edges prior to plating.

To talk to one of our metal finishing experts about our electropolishing capabilities for copper and other alloys, contact us today.

OFHC 101 Excellent Finish After Electropolishing
Beryllium Copper Bright Finish After Electropolishing
Tellurium Copper Mixed Results After Electropolishing
260 Brass Excellent Finish After Electropolishing
360 Brass Good Finish but Not as good as 260 Brass
624 Bronze Good Bright Finish but A Darker Gold Look
GlidCop Al-15 Good Finish After Electropolishing
Performalloy Silver to Copper Color (Not Suited for Electropolishing).
Ni Tin Copper Turns Dark, Bronze Like Color After Electropolishing
Copper-Nickel Cu70% Ni30% Good Finish After Electropolishing
Aluminum Bronze Excellent Finish After Electropolishing
Phos Bronze Mixed Results After Electropolishing (Depending on Material Condition)
CDA464 (Naval Brass) Excellent Finish After Electropolishing
CDA642 (Al, Si, Brz) Bright, Satin Look After Electropolishing
C110 Copper Excellent Finish After Electropolishing
Berylco 25 Excellent Finish After Electropolishing
ARCAP AP1D Excellent Finish After Electropolishing
932 Bronze EGood Bright Finish After Electropolishing
C67300 Bronze Bright-Satin Finish After Electropolishing

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