Electropolishing & Deburring for Laser and Photonics Industry

Electropolishing for the Laser and Photonics Industry


Consistent Results for Your Metal Parts

Electropolishing is ideal for metal parts that need a uniform layer of surface material removed. Other metal finishing methods cannot provide the overall consistent polishing that Able’s electropolishing service can. Parts that undergo electropolishing treatments have improved corrosion resistance, as well as an ultraclean surface free of burrs and micro cracks.  Following the electropolishing process, a part’s lifespan can be greatly extended.

Electropolishing for the Expanding Laser and Photonics Market

In the last 10 years, Able Electropolishing has seen a dramatic increase in work it receives from the laser and photonics industry.  In 2007, Able worked on a joint venture with a major industrial laser manufacturing company to develop the parameters for electropolishing aluminum housings, mounts and other accessories.  The lasers are assembled in a clean room, and they were searching for a process that would not only provide a contaminant-free part, but also a smoother surface for better sealing properties.

After processing material samples and actual prototypes, an acceptable process was developed to provide the surface finish they required.  When the research and development was completed, (.0006” to .0008”) total material removal was approved and specified on their drawings along with an Able Specification number.  The specification number includes the alloy code, type of electrolyte, primary goal and material removal. Without electropolishing, R&D engineers mentioned that the lasers would not perform properly.

Experience Required for Laser and Photonics Components

When you need metal parts electropolished, you’ll want a company that has had extensive experience in the industry. Able Electropolishing has become a top choice for the laser and photonics industry. Since 1954, we have been successfully electropolishing parts for enhanced performance in various industries, more recently in the laser and photonics fields. We can electropolish parts both small and large, made from nearly any metal alloy.

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