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Having pioneered electropolishing since 1954 and as the largest electropolishing specialist in the world, our ability to finish nearly any metal alloy, our knowledgeable staff, and the ability to run one part or millions of parts sets us apart from alternative service providers.

In close collaboration with clients in the aerospace, medical, laboratory, pharmaceutical, and food processing industries – among others – Able has developed highly customized processes that produce the most precise, consistent and reliable results for a wide array of critical metal parts.

Our electropolishing expertise plays a vital role in the strength, corrosion-resistance and fatigue life improvement of flight-critical metal parts for the aerospace industry and in the ability of life-saving medical parts to resist pathogens with an ultraclean and microsmooth finish.

 The Able Electropolishing Difference: Your Partner for Metal Finishing Excellence

We've earned the trust of engineers and manufacturers in some of the most challenging industries in the world. That takes more than innovation and state-of-the-art processes. It also means an attention to deadlines, efficiency, reliability and a tradition of continuous improvement. Our clients depend on us for jobs with no room for error – you can too.

Shop Expansion

  • 24x5 operations with 3 shifts per day
  • Shop expanded by 10k square feet in 2018

Customer Experience

  • Video work instructions
  • Customer Portal added in 2019 to improve customer communication on order status

Robot Integration

  • 15 robots improving consistency and capacity
  • Added large FANUC robot added in 2019 to handle large wire forms and aerospace parts

Capacity Expansion

  • 5 new EP lines added in past 12 months
  • Additional vapor degreasing capacity added in past 3 months
  • Automated rinse line added in 2019 to improve consistency of rinse process


  • ISO 13485
  • ISO 9001

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Customer Satisfaction

Our commitment to our clients’ success drives our work toward continuous innovation, down to the customization of our processes for each part, including on-site tooling, custom racking, custom chemical formulation and prototyping runs conducted on full production equipment. We treat every single job as the critically important step that it is and our roster of clients worldwide shows the level of trust that we have earned over six decades of providing state-of-the-art solutions and unmatched customer service.

“I wanted to express how grateful we are that Able is our partner. Everyone is professional, helpful and so kind!
Thank you for all you do.”

– Phylis Corso, Purchasing & Procurement Manager, R.S. Precision, Inc.

“…our customer put us up against a wall with an extremely hot job. Of course, Able was the last service required and you and your crew handled the passivating job flawlessly. You even completed it two hours sooner than originally promised. We needed every bit of that two hours to tie things up on our end. Thank you. Please also thank everyone involved on your end who helped us miraculously meet our deadline.”

– Kevin Graff, Owner & General Manager, NJC Machine Co.

“I don’t know who found Able for us to try the electropolishing route, but it’s a night and day difference.”

– Quality Manager, Fastener Manufacturer & Distributor

“Working with Able has been fantastic. When you really sit back and look at the amount of parts and all the (logistics) movement … they’ve done a pretty fantastic job of doing it all. You can send parts over there and everything gets taken care of.”

– Marine Hardware OEM & Able Trusted Supplier Network User

“We consider Able Electropolishing to be a key partner. They do great quality work, and because everything is customized, it’s very quality-focused. We always say that Able is like a big brother. We like how they handle communication, paperwork turnaround time, the finish… just the whole gamut. That’s why they’ve been such an integral part of our business.”

– Martha Salazar, Regional Sales Manager, Acme Wire Products

“My start up uses Able to electropolish and passivate some of our medical devices. They do high quality work with very short lead times. The results have been very consistent in terms of quality. Overall we were quite satisfied.”

– SB

“We use Able to electropolish and passivate some of our surgical instruments. They were able to work with our other suppliers and coordinated drop shipments so that we would get our instruments microfinished in time. Their customer service is very helpful.”

– M, R&D / Engineering

Our Services

about electropolishing


Also known as a “reverse plating” process, electropolishing involves removing surface metal from a part in a uniform fashion, effectively eliminating microscopic burrs or other defects to leave the product with a smooth, bright and clean finish. Companies often specify electropolishing as the final step in their manufacturing process. Read more

about electropolishing


Passivation is a process in which parts are submersed into an acid bath to remove free iron and other surface contaminants. The resulting finish improves corrosion resistance. Read more

Certifications & Standards

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