Able COVID-19 Response

Able will remain fully operational during the “Shelter in Place” order by the State of IL in response to the COVID-19 Virus. Able Electropolishing has been deemed a critical service for the medical and defense industries so we are continuing our operations and should be exempt from any local, state or federal restrictions on business operations.

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Able Electropolishing

About Able Electropolishing

The History of Able Electropolishing

Since 1954, Able Electropolishing has been a metal finishing pioneer and is now the world’s largest electropolishing specialist. We provide metal finishing services to companies from a wide variety of industries that use common and specialty metal alloys. Because of our extensive capabilities, thousands of companies rely on our metal finishing services as the “last step” in their metal part production.

With our 40,000-sq.-ft. state-of-the-art facility, we have the ability to process both small and large volume orders in a timely manner. We employ more than 160 employees in three shifts at our Chicago, IL facility. Our dock receives and ships parts 12 hours a day and our facility is equipped and experienced to handle special packaging requirements and shipping options, including drop-shipping, expedited next day, and same day.

Customer Satisfaction

At Able, we process critical design and prototype products for a wide variety of companies and industries. You can rest assured knowing that your parts are safe and secure. We have long regarded our process techniques and our customer’s products as proprietary, and fully protect those technologies. What does all of this experience and focus mean to our customers? Satisfaction. Reliability. Results. Our wall of fame depicts just some of the 100% vendor evaluations, letters of commendation, and awards we have garnered over the years.

Our Services


Also known as a “reverse plating” process, electropolishing involves removing surface metal from a part in a uniform fashion, effectively eliminating microscopic burrs or other defects to leave the product with a smooth, bright and clean finish. Companies often specify electropolishing as the final step in their manufacturing process.


Passivation is a process in which parts are submersed into an acid bath to remove free iron and other surface contaminants. The resultant finish improves corrosion resistance.

Laser Marking

Fast, economical and reliable way to identify components made of stainless steel, titanium, Nitinol, anodized aluminum, as well as many plastics. We utilize a Trumpf TruMark Laser Marking System to compliment its suite of services offered to manufacturers of metal components.

Degreasing/Contract Cleaning

We provide a range of parts cleaning operations from vapor degreasing to special multi-step cleaning to meet stringent particulate specifications.

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