Electropolishing & Deburring Service for Elgiloy

As an alloy frequently used for spring-like components utilized in surgical devices and implants , Elgiloy may require metal finishing services that help ensure longevity and quality performance under heavy use. Elgiloy electropolishing services allow parts made of this material to demonstrate improved corrosion resistance, strength and fatigue life.

Common Uses of Elgiloy

Elgiloy is an alloy made with cobalt, chromium and nickel, and generally demonstrates good mechanical properties and corrosion resistance. Because of its typically-long fatigue life, it is often used for moving parts that function like springs. If Elgiloy parts are manufactured with even microscopic imperfections, that strength and fatigue life are compromised.

Parts that flex and bend like springs are susceptible to premature failure as a result of surface imperfections like small fissures and cracks. With use, these imperfections expand over time, making parts unusable and necessitating replacements of critical components.

Elgiloy Electropolishing

Elgiloy electropolishing services can eliminate the imperfections that cause these parts to prematurely fail. Unlike other metal finishing services, electropolishing is a reverse plating process that removes a controlled, uniform amount of surface material from a part—even small, complex parts like springs and wires.

As this surface material is stripped away, its imperfections are eliminated, leaving behind a smoother, more uniform surface without the fissures and cracks that compromise performance. Electropolishing Elgiloy and other metal parts enables them to meet or exceed cycle life expectations.

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