Electropolishing & Deburring Service for AL6XN Stainless Steel Alloy

As a stronger, more corrosion-resistant alternative to other stainless steels, AL6XN is a weldable stainless steel alloy frequently used in more demanding environments. When using AL6XN for your parts, adding the electropolishing process increases their natural strength and corrosion resistance, making them last longer even in high-temperature, highly-corrosive applications.

There are certain aspects of AL6XN electropolishing that make this process different from traditional electropolishing and other metal finishing processes.

How AL6XN Electropolishing Works

Electropolishing is an electrochemical process that removes a uniform amount of surface material from a part. This eliminates a variety of surface imperfections that can contribute to corrosion. By removing the outer layer of metal, it eliminates embedded contaminants like free iron that lead to corrosion, as well as the micro cracks and pits that harbor moisture and bacteria. Electropolishing AL6XN parts makes them more corrosion resistant in the demanding environments where they are frequently used.

Through AL6XN electropolishing, these parts can benefit from maximized longevity, remaining in good condition for many years of future operation.

Electropolishing AL6XN and Sizing

AL6XN electropolishing operations are also useful for accurately sizing parts. Because this reverse-plating process removes material it can reduce the size of metal parts without causing warping or altering their proportions. The electrochemical solution ensures that the entire surface area of the AL6XN part is uniformly treated, so even small and complex parts not compatible with other sizing operations can be effectively treated.

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