Electropolishing & Deburring Service for Tungsten

Tungsten Deburring and Finishing

As a hard, dense and heat-resistant metal, tungsten is used for a variety of applications. including: tools for construction, woodworking and metalworking and in particular moving parts that must be extremely sharp and wear-resistant, like drills and saws.

As with other materials we electropolish, if tungsten parts have imperfections left by the manufacturing process, such as burrs and jagged edges, they will not perform as intended. Similarly, if they retain contaminants on the surface or in sub-surface imperfections, they can harbor bacteria and moisture that lead to corrosion. A tungsten electropolishing operation removes these imperfections, making parts perform better and last longer.

Improving Parts with Tungsten Electropolishing

Because of its density and hardness, tungsten is often used for fast-moving parts that must remain wear-resistant and sharp. If the cutting edge of a circular saw is jagged and uneven, or if a drill has burrs, the part cannot function as intended. Removing these imperfections is critical to maintaining the type of performance that is expected.

Electropolishing tungsten after a part is manufactured eliminates imperfections that develop when machining and subjecting to other cold-working steps. The electropolishing process uses an electrochemical bath to remove a uniform amount of surface material from a part, making it ideal for creating a smooth surface, stripping away burrs and smoothing out jagged edges that can snag and otherwise impede performance.

Eliminating Surface Contaminants

Electropolishing tungsten can also remove surface imperfections like micro cracks and contaminants that cause corrosion over time. Imperfections in the surface trap moisture and free iron that can lead to corrosion shorten the life of the component. By removing the layer of material that contains these imperfections, the part is left with a smooth, highly corrosion resistant surface.

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