Electropolishing & Microfinishing for the Semiconductor Industry

Electropolishing for the Semiconductor Industry

Semiconductors are essential components to today’s electronics and technology industry. Metal parts utilized in these applications must be ultraclean and in compliance with required dimensions. To ensure parts adhere to these specifications, electropolishing is commonly used as a final step for parts in the semiconductor industry.

Meeting Specifications for Semiconductors with Electropolishing

Out of all the industries we provide electropolishing for, the semiconductor industry has some of the most demanding surface finish requirements.  Due to the corrosive nature of the liquids and gases used in their manufacturing processes, the industry has developed rigid specifications that provide standards for the acceptable finish quality.  A commonly used specification is SEMI F19.  This specification defines the wetted surface characterization requirements and finish acceptance criteria for electropolished 316L stainless steel components. Able Electropolishing is able to comply with these specifications when performing our metal finishing services.

Electropolishing Semiconductors

Able Electropolishing has a long association with companies who furnish components to the semiconductor industry.  One of our customers sends us a family of custom
316L SS fittings for use in the chemical distribution systems of semiconductor manufacturing facilities. The wetted surfaces require a 10 Ra microinch finish or better after electropolishing.  In addition, the chromium to iron ratio must be a minimum of 1.5:1 and a chromium oxide enrichment of a minimum chromium oxide to iron oxide ratio of 2:1. The results are verified through optical examination, ESCA, Auger and SEM analyses.

Maintaining Cleanliness for Electropolishing

We are able to achieve the results with the use of our advanced processing facility that is environmentally controlled and geared for high purity applications.  To maintain the cleanliness after the electropolishing, the final step in the processing is to package using our class 100 clean bench.  The parts are individually double bagged in nitrogen purged, sealed bags per our customer’s specifications. When you work with Able Electropolishing, you can trust that we will handle your parts properly to ensure that they meet your cleanliness requirements and they arrive packed as specified.   

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