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Applications for Electropolishing & Deburring

Automotive: Electropolishing to Meet Standards & Improve Surface Finish

Meeting Industry Standards by Electropolishing Auto Parts


Over the years, the auto industry has developed increasingly stringent quality standards for its metal components. Automakers are particularly concerned with burrs, small pieces of metal and other contamination that can enter the fuel and brake systems and cause premature failure. Electropolishing auto parts has proven to be an effective method of deburring and removing other surface contaminants that may break loose after assembly. In addition, electropolishing auto parts significantly improves their corrosion resistance, which is especially critical for welded assemblies exposed to corrosive elements like road salt.

Electropolishing Interior Auto Parts

Deburring small, critical auto parts greatly reduces the threat of lingering metal shavings and burrs compromising a vehicle’s performance. One client, for example, is an automotive supplier that sends us a 260 brass eyelet for electropolishing. They were having problems with small metal shavings clinging to the edge of the part after forming. Because the part functions as a fuel injector port, completely deburring the part is critical to preventing metal particles from entering the engine. The controlled metal removal process of electropolishing auto parts allows us to deburr the eyelet, making it safe for use.

Another example of our electropolishing and deburring capabilities is the treatment of fuel rails made from 304 stainless steel. Lubricants and other contaminants are deposited on the inside diameter of the part after machining. Using a specially-constructed racking system, Able Electropolishing removed a precise amount of metal—.0003″—from the inside diameter, stripping away the embedded contaminants.

Electropolishing Exterior Auto Parts

Auto manufacturers are highly concerned with protecting the exterior metal components of a vehicle, for both practical and aesthetic reasons. Exterior parts are frequently exposed to harsh elements like road salt, which cause corrosion and discoloration over time. One client, an auto industry supplier, requested electropolishing for a welded 304 and 316 stainless steel mesh grill. They needed a process that would remove the weld discoloration, brighten the parts and improve corrosion resistance. Electropolishing auto parts like these does all of this in one process, giving the stainless steel a uniformly bright, shiny and chrome-like appearance. After the parts successfully passed salt spray testing, electropolishing was approved for use on a variety of grill designs for domestic and foreign autos.

Perfecting Your Parts

Electropolishing, by definition, removes a precision amount of surface metal from your parts. This brightens the part, improving corrosion resistance, deburring and removing the imperfections and contaminants left behind by stamping, tumbling and other manufacturing. Able Electropolishing recommends sending samples for electropolishing so that you can evaluate both finish and dimensional changes. If electropolishing is added during the design stage, the material removal can be factored into your final size specifications.

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Electropolishing for the Automotive Industry

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