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Able will remain fully operational during the “Shelter in Place” order by the State of IL in response to the COVID-19 Virus. Able Electropolishing has been deemed a critical service for the medical and defense industries so we are continuing our operations and should be exempt from any local, state or federal restrictions on business operations.

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Electropolishing and Passivation Standards

ASTM A380 Passivation Standard for Stainless Steel

ASTM A380 Passivation Standard

The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) develops and maintains high standards for metal passivation services. Able Electropolishing meets, among others, the ASTM A380 passivation standard published by this organization. This set of standards specifies the industry’s best practices for cleaning, descaling and passivating stainless steel—services that Able has provided for manufacturers worldwide for years.

What is ASTM A380 Passivation?

The ASTM A380 passivation standard covers various operations in cleaning, descaling and passivating. Stainless steel parts that undergo these processes may require a variety of treatments, including precleaning, chemical descaling , degreasing and more, all of which can be accomplished different ways.

ASTM A380 allows for different types of operations, so long as they are performed to industry standards and create the required finish. This standard specifies different methods for testing the quality of the finish, including wipe tests, high-humidity tests, free iron tests, atomizer tests and more.

Our Metal Passivation Services

At Able Electropolishing, we’ve provided metal passivation services for stainless steel for decades, and we pride ourselves on meeting the exacting standards of the ASTM. By meeting ASTM A380, we can ensure that our process for passivating stainless steel provides consistent results for clients across industries.

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