Electropolishing Service

Electropolishing removes a microscopically precise layer of surface material, to tolerances as low as +/-.0001″, depending on the alloy. This degree of precision and consistency, along with the ability to remove a variety of surface imperfections in one process, is why electropolishing is so often specified for critical parts used in medical implants and surgical instruments, aerospace components and fragile or critical parts used in other industries. Electropolishing is a one-stop process for a micro-smooth, ultraclean, corrosion and pathogen-resistant surface finish – with 30 times more corrosion resistance than passivation.

Electropolishing also eliminates the need for additional metal finishing processes like hand deburring, tumbling, pickling, and cleaning.

Metals Suitable for Electropolishing

At Able Electropolishing, we offer our electropolishing service for a diverse range of common and specialty alloys. They include:

Not sure if your specialty alloy is suitable for our electropolishing service? Contact us today for a free sample, a quote or more information about the metals we can treat and improve.

Comparison to Passivation

Electropolishing gives your part greater corrosion resistance, longevity and performance for a broader range of alloys than passivation can, as well as providing other benefits that passivation does not. These include:

  • Eliminating weld and heat treat discoloration
  • Sizing
  • Microfinishing
  • Ultracleaning
  • Deburring

Though passivation removes free iron and other contaminants from the surfaces of stainless steel parts, the process is not as versatile or as effective as electropolishing.

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Industries That Rely On Our Electropolishing Service

Our electropolishing service is relied upon by a variety of industries, each of which requires electropolished parts for different reasons. They include professionals in industries like:

  • Medical & Dental: electropolishing ensures that medical and dental instruments, as well as, implantable items, are clean, burr-free, corrosion-resistant and safe.
  • Automotive & Aerospace: our electropolishing service is used to improve the finish and deburr gears, lead screws, injectors and rotors.
  • Consumer Appliances: metal parts that are used in appliances like refrigerators, ice machines and deep fryers look better and last longer after being electropolished.
  • Pharmaceutical: electropolishing is utilized for equipment used in the manufacturing and dispensing of medications to prevent corrosion and bacteria growth that could lead to contamination of their product.

These are a few examples of the many industries that use electropolishing so the parts they rely on perform properly, preventing unexpected part failures and costly complications.

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