Electropolishing & Deburring Service for TZM

A corrosion-resistant super-alloy used in high-temperature applications, TZM benefits from metal finishing services like electropolishing. Electropolishing TZM eliminates any surface imperfections that may have been created during the forging and manufacturing processes, reinforcing the strength, resilience and corrosion resistance for which this material is known.

TZM and Molybdenum

TZM is a super-alloy made using titanium, zirconium and molybdenum. With a high concentration of molybdenum but twice as strong, TZM is particularly useful in mechanically-demanding, high-temperature applications, like the construction of x-ray machinery. Given its use in critical applications, the parts made from this material must be free of surface imperfections that could compromise its strength.

Electropolishing TZM

TZM electropolishing services remove the surface imperfections that can compromise parts made of this alloy. This electrochemical process removes a uniform amount of surface metal across the part, stripping away embedded contaminants and imperfections created during the manufacturing process. Electropolishing TZM parts gives them a smoother, more corrosion-resistant surface and increases their longevity.

Electropolishing TZM parts provides multiple benefits including microfinish improvement, deburring, improved corrosion resistance and fatigue life improvement all in one cost effective process.

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