Electropolishing & Deburring for the Marine Industry

Electropolishing for the Marine Industry

For many years, Able Electropolishing has been associated with companies providing components and assemblies to the marine industry. Our electropolishing process is a good fit for stainless steel parts being used in the harsh salt air. In comparison to chemical passivation, electropolishing provides 30 times the corrosion resistance when subjected to salt spray testing.
Electropolishing is the most effective treatment for eliminating surface impurities and embedded contaminants in a variety of common and specialty alloys.

Our Experience Electropolishing Metal Parts

At Able, we have years of experience electropolishing metal parts for marine applications. One of our customers manufactures 304 stainless steel hose racks that are used on docks and other waterfront locations. Many of the components are weldments that would readily rust and deteriorate in the ocean environment without the electropolishing treatment. Because it is an all-in-one process, electropolishing removes the weld discoloration, greatly improves the corrosion resistance, and establishes a decorative finish.

Another customer who utilizes our electropolishing process is a company who manufacturers custom accessories for boats. From seat brackets to vent screens, their various parts require electropolishing for a bright, long-lasting finish. Through testing, it was determined that they could use the less expensive 304 stainless steel with electropolishing and not have to pay a premium for the 316 SS material.

The Benefits of Electropolishing

Untreated metal parts used for marine applications can be susceptible to corrosion and contain burrs and surface impurities. Electropolishing can enhance these metal parts offering a variety of benefits. Following treatment, parts have long-lasting, exceptional resistance to rust. Parts are also deburred, ultra-clean and have an improved microfinish value. With electropolishing providing all these benefits, the process extends the life of metal parts. As a bonus, electropolished parts also have a bright decorative finish.

Meeting Electropolishing Standards

Able Electropolishing is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company and complies with commonly used industry standards for electropolishing and passivating. We can certify to ASTM B912 for electropolishing and ASTM A967, ASTM A380 and AMS 2700 for passivating. In addition, we continue to meet many customer specifications.

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