Electropolishing Case Study: Stainless Steel Weldment


Other - Manufacturers of stainless steel hose reels, and components used in marine, pharmaceutical, fire fighting, semiconductor applications.


Weldment, formed sheet metal



304 Stainless Steel


The customer needed parts to withstand a variety of environments, such as salt air, harsh chemicals, etc. without rusting or discoloring. The parts are used on fire fighting equipment, and in pharmaceutical laboratories where harsh chemical wash downs are required. The components are also used in a marine environment, on ships and on docks.



Electropolishing was employed to remove surface metal and contaminates introduced from normal fabrication. The weld areas were cleaned and a chromium rich surface further enhanced corrosion resistance.

Note to engineer: After processing, Able Electropolishing suggested changes in design that would be beneficial to Able and the customer. When removing the parts after processing, the center portion of the reel would fill up with electropolishing solution. This difficulty prompted Able to recommend drilling small holes on the edge of the center portion of the reel. This would help drain any fluid introduced by processing. Additionally, those same holes would also would drain any fluid inside the reel when it was in use in different environments. This helped reduce the risk of trapped water or other corrosives inside the reel that would accelerate corrosion.

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