Electropolishing and Passivation Standards

ASTM B912 Electropolishing Standard for Stainless Steel Alloys

ASTM B912 Electropolishing Standard

Able Electropolishing meets the high standards of the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), including those for stainless steel passivation using electropolishing. ASTM B912 electropolishing of stainless steel adheres to standards set and maintained by the ASTM.

What is ASTM B912 Electropolishing?

The ASTM B912 electropolishing specification outlines the electropolishing process for stainless steel alloys. This type of stainless steel passivation includes 200, 300 and 400-series alloys and is superior to standard chemical passivation.

For a metal finisher to meet these standards for stainless steel passivation, they must adhere to specific protocols and ensure a particular quality of work. According to the ASTM, the electropolisher must include post-coating procedures as part of the process, as well as performance testing by means such as a salt spray test, a humidity test or a copper sulfate test. These factors and others determine eligibility for meeting this specification.

What Does This Mean?

Because Able Electropolishing adheres to the ASTM B912 electropolishing guidelines for stainless steel passivation, our clients know what quality of work to expect when we process various types of stainless steels. By maintaining tight control of our processing parameters, we are able to continue to meet the rigid guidelines of the ASTM, providing our clients not only with superior results in a timely fashion, but also peace of mind that their work is in good hands.

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