Electropolishing & Deburring Service for Molybdenum

Electropolishing for Molybdenum

With its exceptionally high melting point and high thermal conductivity, molybdenum is a versatile alloy that can take many different forms, including wires, plates, electrical contacts and more. The extreme durability and hardness of molybdenum may make it difficult to finish and clean after manufacturing, particularly on complex parts. Molybdenum electropolishing can eliminate the need for costly hand finishing operations or plating by providing a smooth, uniform, clean finish.

How Does Molybdenum Electropolishing Work?

Because of the resilience and rigidity of molybdenum, electropolishing may be utilized for sizing purposes as well. We submerge molybdenum parts in an electrochemical bath, which removes a controlled, uniform amount of surface material from the entire part. This can be applied to a wide variety of shapes and sizes and allows you to make slight adjustments to the size of your part without altering its proportions.

Electropolishing molybdenum is also effective as a post-manufacturing cleaning operation. Eliminating the need for high-temperature cleaning and/or plating, electropolishing removes surface imperfections and embedded contaminants that could lead to corrosion. One of molybdenum’s distinct benefits is its high corrosion resistance, and including electropolishing as the final step in your manufacturing process helps ensure that it meets its full potential.

Comparison to Other Metal Finishing Services

Unlike metal finishing services like plating, electropolishing molybdenum improves your parts by removing the outer skin of material. Because electropolishing is not a coating or plating, it doesn’t wear off, flake, peel or abrade—it is a lasting improvement to the alloy itself, and one that lasts. It ensures that your molybdenum is as pure as ever while smoothing out the surface and giving you the ultimate control over sizing.

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