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Able will remain fully operational during the “Shelter in Place” order by the State of IL in response to the COVID-19 Virus. Able Electropolishing has been deemed a critical service for the medical and defense industries so we are continuing our operations and should be exempt from any local, state or federal restrictions on business operations.

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Electropolishing & Deburring Case Studies

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We have compiled a metal surface databank, depiciting actual case histories for a wide variety of industries and fabrication methods. Use the form to the left to narrow down the results.

  1. Electropolishing Case Study: Valve Needle Used in Fluid Control
  2. Electropolishing Case Study: Stainless Stel & Brass Assembly with Braze & Flux Contamination
  3. Electropolishing Case Study: Stainless Steel Weldment Used in a Critical Semiconductor Application
  4. Electropolishing Case Study: Piston Assembly Components Needing Surface Improvements
  5. Electropolishing Case Study: Micro Deburring & Surface Finish Improvement
  6. Electropolishing Case Study: Medical Casting Needing to Withstand Cleaning Agents Containing Bleach
  7. Electropolishing Case Study: Machined Roller Surface Needing Smoothing After Shot Blasting
  8. Electropolishing Case Study: Machined Parts Neededing brightening without Part Damage
  9. Electropolishing Case Study: Machined Part Needing Clean Surfaces in Complex Recesses
  10. Electropolishing Case Study: Machined Casting Used in a Beverage Filling Application
  11. Electropolishing Case Study: Improving 440C Stainless Steel Corrosion Resistance
  12. Electropolishing Case Study: Formed Tubes Needing Surface Contaminants Removed
  13. Electropolishing Case Study: Food Application Assembly Needing High Corrosion Resistance
  14. Electropolishing Case Study: Deburring a Stainless Steel Medical Part with Small Holes
  15. Electropolishing Case Study: Copper Stamping with Surface Contamination & Burrs
  16. Electropolishing Case Study: Computer Component Needing Surface Improvement on Opposing Surfaces
  17. Electropolishing Case Study: Complex Shaft Assembly Used in Kidney Dialysis
  18. Electropolishing Case Study: Complex Machined Casting Needing Surface Cleaning without Part Damage
  19. Electropolishing Case Study: Complex Assembly of Multiple Alloys Needing Improved Sealing Surface
  20. Electropolishing Case Study: Clean Room Component Needing Contaminant-Free Metal Surface
  21. Electropolishing Case Study: Brazed Medical Assembly Needing Careful Cleaning
  22. Electropolishing Case Study: Aluminum Component Used in a Cellular Application
  23. Cellular Phone Antenna Needing High Corrosion Resistance
  24. 1098 – Electropolishing Titanium Parts for the Medical Industry
  25. 1096 – Removing Heat Tint & Eliminating Heat Treat Side Effects
  26. 1095 – Electropolishing Stainless Steel Springs for Increased Endurance
  27. 1094 – Deburring Stainless Steel Medical Devices
  28. 1093 – Components of a fluid control system experienced corrosion. Parts needed improved corrosion resistance.
  29. 1092 – Internal gear teeth required resizing due to growth caused by heat.
  30. 1091 – Aluminum lock rod used for tractor trailers.
  31. 1090 – Weldment used in commercial ice making system. Part needed economical cleaning of weld discoloration.
  32. 1089 – Stainless assembly used in complex printing machinery. Surfaces needed smoothing without damage to base part.
  33. 1088 – Stainless animal containment fabricated from formed wire. Part needed economical brightening and improved corrosion resistance.
  34. 1087 – Complex stainless weldment used in marine, pharmaceutical and semiconductor application. Part needs high corrosion resistance.
  35. 1085 – Large stainless weldment used in semiconductor chip fabrication. Part needed clean, chromium rich surfaces.
  36. 1084 – Nickel Silver medical part needing removal of surface contaminates caused by a brazing operation.
  37. 1083 – Stainless medical rack needing high corrosion resistance. Part is immersed in hot water for long periods.
  38. 1082 – Stainless tubing assembly used in food application. Special masking of heating element was required to prevent damage.
  39. 1081 – Stainless food frying assembly needing high corrosion resistance and improved cleanability.
  40. 1080 – Copper drawn part used in Aerospace oxygen application. Part needed clean surfaces free of contamination.
  41. 1079 – Automotive casting used in critical painting application. Part needed high corrosion resistance.
  42. 1078 – Aluminum reflector needing improved reflective properties. The part needed surface smoothing without damage to part geometry.
  43. 1077 – Stainless drawn part used in water fountain application. Parts needed to be bright and corrosion resistant.
  44. 1076 – Stainless stamping used in a corrosive battery application. Part also needed deburring on complex surfaces.
  45. 1074 – Aluminum Bronze fastener used in electronic application. The part needed to meet semiconductor cleanliness specifications.
  46. 1073 – Immersion heater made from tubular stainless needing improved corrosion resistance.
  47. 1072 – Multi-alloy medical part needing removal of surface contamination.
  48. 1071 – Formed and welded 430 stainless panel used in computer application, needing contamination free surface.
  49. 1070 – Extruded and machined brass part needing burr removal from complex surfaces.
  50. 1068 – Heat treated tool steel part used in plastic molding application. Customer was looking to remove burrs and improve mold release characteristics.
  51. 1067 – Automotive stainless fastener needing high corrosion resistance.
  52. 1066 – Optics Component Needing Decontamination
  53. 1065 – Wireform used in food service application. End customer needed a corrosion resistant surface that was easy to clean.
  54. 1064 – Heat treated part used in packaging machinery. Galling and other problems in teeth caused binding in the assembly.
  55. 1063 – Surgical assembly used in tracheal procedures. The parts needed high corrosion resistance to corrosive sterilization chemicals.
  56. 1062 – Steel spring with surfaces too rough and contaminated to accept plating. Plating was peeling causing a high reject rate.
  57. 1061 – Machined brass assembly used in industrial spraying application. The customer was looking to replace a destructive bright dip operation.
  58. 1060 – Brass nozzle with difficult burr located in orifice. The part is used in a beverage application.
  59. 1059 – Semiconductor immersion heater with surface contamination needing to pass high standard testing.
  60. 1058 – Aluminum forging with high hand-finishing costs. Electropolishing improved surface finishes and reduced costs.
  61. 1056 – Aluminum aircraft reflector needing uniform improvement of parabolic areas.
  62. 1055 – Large automotive part used in high vacuum leak testing application. The 1500 pound part needed high corrosion resistance.
  63. 1054 – Pharmaceutical machined part needing a surface that would not harbor bacteria.
  64. 1053 – Stainless stamping used in a consumer knife assembly with interior burr problems.
  65. 1052 – Hastelloy machined part needing de-contamination and improved microfinish.
  66. 1051 – Copper automotive stamping with burrs that cut into a plastic mating surface.
  67. 1050 – Copper switch component with fine burrs causing pre-mature failure
  68. 1049 – Large stainless hopper with powdered food adhesion problems
  69. 1048 – Multi-alloy assembly used in medical application needing purification
  70. 1047 – Stainless stamping used in automotive application needing improved corrosion resistance
  71. 1046 – Automotive fasteners needing removal of copper coating
  72. 1045 – Food equipment with welding contamination
  73. 1044 – Food/beverage component needing high corrosion resistance to cleaning chemicals.
  74. 1043 – Stainless air flow valve used in oxygen application needing a clean burr-free surface.
  75. 1041 – A part used to mold implant devices. The machined surfaces needed smoothing prior to a critical plating operation.
  76. 1039 – Aircraft seal needing cleaning of brazed areas and improved corrosion protection
  77. 1038 – Springs subjected to a chlorine environment. Needed highly corrosion-resistant surface.
  78. 1037 – Aluminum mold used to form automotive hoses. Part needed a clean surface.
  79. 1036 – Ground stainless surface needing fine burr removal. Part used in consumer appliances
  80. 1035 – Automotive fastener needing improved corrosion resistance
  81. 1034 – Machined medical part wearing due to metal-to-metal contact
  82. 1033 – Flat stamping that needs a bright surface without distorsion or damage
  83. 1032 – Medical part used in oxygen metering needing precise finish improvement
  84. 1031 – Fastener needing removal of heat treat discoloration
  85. 1030 – Machined parts that are oversized and rejected
  86. 1029 – Aluminum reflector needing bright reflective finish
  87. 1028 – Stainless EDM part with recast layer problems
  88. 1027 – Heat treated casting used in critical aerospace guidance system
  89. 1026 – Valve component for food industry requring corrosive resistant surface
  90. 1025 – Stainless stamping needing critical reflective surface for ultraviolet application
  91. 1024 – Complex welded and formed assembly with contamination from welding
  92. 1023 – Machined steel gear needing surface improvement for noise reduction
  93. 1022 – Copper stamping used in electronic assembly needing safe removal of fine burrs
  94. 1021 – Heat treated stamping needing both brightening and improved corrosion resistance
  95. 1020 – Complex stainless machined part needing corrosion protection
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