Electropolishing & Deburring Service for Haynes 214 & Haynes 230

Often used to manufacture parts that are exposed to high-temperature environments, Haynes 214 & Haynes 230 benefit from electropolishing. Exposure to welding, heat-treating and use in high-heat applications can all compromise parts over time, including those as resilient as Haynes 214 & Haynes 230. Electropolishing parts after manufacturing eliminates even the microscopic imperfections and initiation sites for corrosion that cause unexpected part failure.

What is Haynes 214 & Haynes 230 Electropolishing?

Electropolishing is an electrochemical process that removes a uniform amount of surface material from a part. When it removes this surface material, it eliminates embedded contaminants and imperfections as well as discoloration caused by heat-treating operations. Heat treating and welding can leave behind oxide scale, which compromises the protective qualities for which Haynes 214 and Haynes 230 are known. Electropolishing is an effective means for removing heat tint and scale from heat treating and welding.

Cycle Life Protection

Frequently used for their strength at high temperatures, these two alloys benefit from the enhanced dependability that comes with electropolishing. Haynes 214 & Haynes 230 can be electropolished to remove any surface imperfections that remain after manufacturing, which increases their longevity. Because they are often used in such critical applications as furnaces, turbine engines and aerospace manufacturing, parts made with these two alloys must be finished to perfection to ensure that they meet their full potential.

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