AMS 2700 Passivation Standard

As a global organization of engineers and other technical experts, SAE International provides consensus-formed standards that help define the best practices for processing aerospace, automotive and commercial vehicle components—including metal passivation services. The AMS 2700 passivation specification addresses industry standards for treating certain types of stainless steel parts, and it’s a standard the Able Electropolishing meets.

What is AMS 2700 Passivation?

The AMS 2700 passivation specification pertains to metal passivation services like those performed at Able Electropolishing. Specifically, this standard refers to the requirements for removing surface contaminants like free iron from the surface of corrosion-resistant steel parts. Removing these contaminants improves corrosion resistance and the overall longevity of the part.

Our services remove free iron and other contaminants on the surface of stainless steel parts, creating a passive surface with increased corrosion resistance. With a 24-hour facility and the capacity to passivate parts both large and small, Able’s services meet or exceed the industry standards for best practices.

Electropolishing vs. Passivation

Electropolishing Before & After
While passivation is useful for removing free iron and contaminants from stainless steel and is more well known, electropolishing is often a better option and can be used on far more metal alloys.

Electropolishing removes a microscopically precise layer of surface material, to tolerances as low as +/-.0001″, depending on the alloy. This degree of precision and consistency, along with the ability to remove a variety of surface imperfections in one process, is why electropolishing is so often specified for critical parts used in medical implants and surgical instruments, aerospace components and fragile or critical parts used in other industries. Electropolishing is a one-stop process for a micro-smooth, ultraclean, corrosion and pathogen-resistant surface finish – with 30 times more corrosion resistance than passivation.

Electropolishing also eliminates the need for additional metal finishing processes like hand deburring, tumbling, pickling, and cleaning.

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