Infographic: What is Electropolishing?

See the Big Picture of Electropolishing

Electropolishing has a variety of benefits for metals like copper, aluminum, stainless steels, titanium and more. Ready to learn more specifics about what this revolutionary process can do for your metal parts? Let this infographic be your guide.

electropolishing process

Benefits of Electropolishing

Deburring – Electropolishing removes performance-inhibiting surface burrs even from delicate and intricate parts.

Microfinishing – Removing scale, oxides, chemicals and surface irregularities, electropolishing improves part performance, even for parts that can’t be treated by vibratory finishing or mechanical polishing.

Corrosion resistance – Electropolishing improves corrosion resistance by eliminating the surface imperfections that serve as initiation sites.

Fatigue life improvement – We eliminate micro-cracks and other surface defects on metal parts like springs that bend, twist and flex before they can compromise performance.

Ultracleaning and decorative – Electropolishing gives metal parts a clean, bright finish  that lasts, helping metal parts retain a like-new appearance.

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