Titanium Electropolishing

Titanium Electropolishing

Titanium is used in a wide variety of applications, from sporting equipment to surgical implants, industrial manufacturing equipment and various types of aircraft. While titanium is known for its durability and corrosion resistance, imperfections left by the manufacturing process can still render these parts unusable. The solution is a titanium electropolishing operation, which eliminates these surface imperfections while providing other benefits, like fatigue life improvement.

The Titanium Electropolishing Process

Titanium electropolishing is an electrochemical process that removes a controlled amount of surface material from the outer layer of a part. Removing this material eliminates surface imperfections, embedded contaminants, sharp edges and burrs, and micro cracks and pits that could lead to corrosion. The surface it leaves behind is smooth, highly corrosion resistant and free of the imperfections that compromise strength and longevity. Electropolished titanium parts are also left with a distinct and lasting shine ideal for consumer products.

Sizing Titanium with Electropolishing

Titanium is frequently used to make parts with little-to-no margin of error, like landing gear, hydraulic systems, rotors, valves and more. When parts like these are even a small fraction of an inch out of tolerance, they are unusable. Electropolishing titanium is an ideal sizing operation that allows you to bring a part into size with precision and without altering shape or proportions. Because the process removes a uniform amount of surface metal from the entire part, it is practical even for small and complex parts. This process can remove as little as .0001″, giving you a high level of control and ensuring that your parts are sized according to your needs.

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