1090 – Weldment used in commercial ice making system. Part needed economical cleaning of weld discoloration.

#1090 Brite Passivating/Brite Ultracleaning



Food/Beverage - Manufacturers of components for ice machines for industrial and commercial use.


Wire forming and welding


302/304 stainless steel


This part occupies a high visibility location on a commercial ice machine. The customer wanted a clean bright part that would be appealing as it came in contact with the ice. The welding operation had left significant scale and heat discoloration on the wire. The part also needed to be corrosion resistant because of constant contact with water.



Electropolishing removed the weld discoloration, while giving the lever a chromelike appearance. It also made the lever clean and passive, improving the corrosion resistance by a factor of 30 times normal chemical passivation.

Note to engineer: MWater chemistries vary significantly around the country and the world. Levels of chlorination, presence of trace chemicals and minerals all affect the corrosion resistance of stainless. Many engineers set corrosion standards for “worst case” water standards in order to minimize field service problems with critical stainless components. We can provide assistance with corrosion testing standards that may help you in your design.

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