1089 – Stainless assembly used in complex printing machinery. Surfaces needed smoothing without damage to base part.

#1089 Brite Passivation/Brite Ultracleaning/Brite Microfinishing



Other – Manufacturers of printing equipment


Stamping, Forming


304 Stainless Steel


This assembly is used as a component for a complex printing machine. The customer was looking to improve the corrosion resistance of a clamp assembly and make the clean up cycle easier for the end user. In addition, the customer needed a smoother finish on the parts to reduce friction when contact is made with other materials.


After electropolishing samples, processing parameters were established. The parts were tested for corrosion resistance and exceeded part specifications. During continued use, the parts withstood the effects of harsh cleaning solvents. In addition, the electropolishing enhanced the microfinish which reduced product buildup and shortened the cleanup time.

Note to engineer: Assemblies such as this that are fabricated using staked or spot welded components require special attention. Our post-processing cleaning operations include sophisticated ultrasonic cleaning to remove chemicals. In most applications such as this, the assembly moves from our plant direct to assembly lines, eliminating the need for special cleaning or wiping operations. These special cleaning lines have saved our customers significant handling expenses.

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