Electropolishing Case Study: Large stainless weldment used in semiconductor chip fabrication. Part needed clean, chromium rich surfaces.

#1085 Brite Ultracleaning/Brite Microfinishing




Machining and welding


304 stainless steel

Electronics Communication


This component pictured to the right is 32” x 35” x 9 3/4”. The part is used for depositing substrates on semiconductor chips and required a clean smooth finish inside and out. The customer required a process that would remove particulate and contaminates introduced during fabricating. In addition, they wanted to improve the microfinish to eliminate outgassing.


Special fixtures were required to electropolish all surface areas and protect critical sealing surfaces from damage. More importantly, the large size and multi-port design created special consideration to assure metal removal was consistent on all surfaces. The part was processed to specs and carefully cleaned and packaged for final assembly.

Note to engineer: Large and complex weldments require special tooling and design time. We encourage you to forward prints to our staff for evaluation before fabrication. We can provide significant help with cost saving production tips that will assure a high quality finish at minimal cost.

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