Electropolishing Case Study: Nickel Silver medical part needing removal of surface contaminates caused by a brazing operation.

#1084 Brite Ultrafinishing/Brite Passivation

Medical Dental




Machining and brazing


Exotic - Nickel Silver


The customer needed a process to remove the residual flux and discoloration created during the brazing operation. The part is a medical electronic component that makes contact with human skin. A clean and passive finish was desired to maintain the appearance and corrosion resistance after reapeated autoclave sterilization.


The electropolishing process proved to be beneficial in a number of areas. We were successful in removing the residual flux and discoloration from the brazing operation. The part was left with a chrome-like decorative appearance. As a result of removing the contaminates and particulate with electropolishing, our customer was surprised to lrearn that their conductivity within the part improved six fold. In addition, by producing a clean and passive finish, the corrosion resistance was greatly improved extending the life of their part.

Note to Engineer: We have significant experience in improving conductivity on a host of alloys. Normal fabrication methods, especially brazing operations leave a host of surface scale or burned lubricants on the surface. Through proper processing, these non-conductive contaminates are removed along with imbedded impurities, improving conductivity. A flatter less porous surface microscopically offers better electrical contact as well. We encourage sampling through our sales engineering staff.

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