Electropolishing Case Study: Stainless food frying assembly needing high corrosion resistance and improved cleanability.

#1081 Brite Passivation/Brite Ultraclean

Metal forming and welding




Metal forming and welding


304 & 303 stainless steel


This assembly in final use was constantly immersed in cooking oil and in contact with food products. Fabricated from multiple alloys of stainless that had been perforated and spot welded, the final assembly had numerous points of surface contamination. The customer looked into electropolishing in order to improve corrosion resistance and cleanability.


The size and design of the assembly required specialized tooling in order to finish all surfaces uniformly with little dimensional change. By immersing the entire assembly into the polishing bath, all surfaces were processed simultaneously. Removal of surface metal cleaned all weld areas and perforations. In addition to leaving a smooth, easy to clean surface, the resultant shiny surface improved the appearance of the part.

Note to Engineer: We have significant experience with food processing equipment including heaters, tanks, cooling coils and processing vessels. In many of those cases, field testing proved corrosion resistance and cleanability. Please contact our staff for further information.

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