Electropolishing Case Study: Automotive casting used in critical painting application. Part needed high corrosion resistance.

#1079 Brite Passivation





Casting and machining


303 Cast Stainless Steel


These stainless parts are used in an automotive painting application. End users reported to the manufacturer that they were experiencing corrosion problems when using the parts with water based paints. The manufacturer subjected the parts to corrosion tests and was able to verify the problem. Engineers concluded that passivation alone did not prevent corrosion, nor did it correct the problem after parts were in use.



Several runs of samples were processed to determine optimal metal removal levels. Samples were subjected to corrosion testing and exceeded the new requirements. In addition to exceeding corrosion specifications, the parts had a bright and clean appearance, enhancing the value of the part.

Note to Engineer: We can provide assistance with your corrosion testing needs. We are familiar with the most current ASTM standards for corrosion testing and can provide valuable assistance in this area.

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