Electropolishing Case Study: Aluminum reflector needing improved reflective properties. The part needed surface smoothing without damage to part geometry.

#1078 Brite Microfinishing

Stamping and forming




Stamping and forming


3002 Aluminum


The customer needed to improve the reflectivity properties of the part. Increased reflectivity was necessary because this part was used in conjunction with low wattage halogen bulbs. The reflector was a part of a light used for area emergency lighting and needed to light large areas as required.


Electropolishing smoothed out the interior surface, resulting in an increase in the reflectivity. Electropolishing also helped in concentrating of the light beam. As it smoothed the surface, it removed small surface imperfections that could deflect light and impede the focus of the light source on the reflector.

Note to Engineer: We have significant experience in using electropolishing in reflective applications, both in light and heat. Our process has been specified in numerous aerospace and scientific applications where maximum reflectivity is required. Often, surface preparation prior to electropolishing will further magnify results. Please contact our staff for details.

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