Electropolishing Case Study: Stainless drawn part used in water fountain application. Parts needed to be bright and corrosion resistant.

#1077 Brite Passivation

Drawing Stainless Steel Before

Drawing Stainless Steel After


Other - Manufacturers of water fountains




304 Stainless Steel


The customer had been fabricating components for outdoor fountains in playgrounds and parks, but found that the parts were rusting, and had to be replaced. The finish on the parts was dull, typical for drawn stainless steel.


After trying samples, the customer realized that the bowls were lasting far longer than untreated parts. In addition, the finished parts had a more attractive finish, adding to the aesthetic value of the entire fountain assembly.

Note to Engineer: Most drawn stainless steel responds well to electropolishing. Single draw parts offer the most uniform finish. We have optimized our polishing baths to polish inside surfaces of even small diameter drawn components. In those cases, a bright finish can be attained normally at a fraction of the cost of hand finishing. On parts with multiple draw and anneal operations, the varying grain of the material at those stages may cause the final part to have multiple finishes. Overall, we recommend use of a fine grain material and an atmosphere furnace in annealing.

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