Electropolishing Case Study: Aluminum Bronze fastener used in electronic application. The part needed to meet semiconductor cleanliness specifications.

#1074 Brite Ultracleaning

Machining Before

Machining After


Electronic/communication - Fastener manufacturer




AM388 Aluminum Bronze


This part was fabricated out of an unusual material, leaving the customer with few references for finishing specifications. The customer needed to clean the parts efficiently so they would be acceptable under semiconductor requirements. The parts had to be fully cleaned , without damage or significant alteration of thread characteristics.


Numerous sample tests were performed with varying amounts of metal removal. This process lead to the optimum stock removal. The parts were uniformly cleaned including the threaded areas. Samples and later production runs were accepted by the end user

Note to Engineer: We have processed literally hundreds of different alloys and custom engineered metals. Though our web site offers some guidance for the more popular alloys, we recommend sampling. Submission of samples together with alloy chemistry would allow us to apply the proper chemical bath and processing parameters.

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