Electropolishing Case Study: Multi-alloy medical part needing removal of surface contamination.

#1072 Brite Ultracleaning/Brite Passivation

Machining and tube forming


Medical/dental - Manufacturers of Surgical Components


Machining and tube forming


303 & 13-8Mo Stainless Steel


This assembly was specified with two different alloys. After machining, the 303 cap is assembled onto the 13-8Mo tube, and is captive after the tube is formed to the desired shape. After assembly, the parts were annealed. The customer needed to clean both parts satisfactorily for surgical use, specifying the removal of surface and sub-surface contamination.


This part required some unusual and precise fixturing to fully clean all surfaces. Additionally, metal removal specifications on this part were precise, to allow for proper cleaning while maintaining proper size specifications. The end results were excellent, meeting or exceeding customer specifications.

Machining and tube forming After

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