Electropolishing Case Study: Automotive stainless fastener needing high corrosion resistance.

#1067 Brite Passivating

Machining Before


Automotive - Manufacturers of Automotive and Truck Fasteners




302 Stainless Steel


The customer needed to brighten the parts, but also needed to enhance the corrosion resistance because of the application and environment. The unique problem associated with this part is that the washer is captive but not attached to the head of the screw. With the assembly comprised of two components fabricated with different methods, a uniform finish on both parts was difficult to achieve using other methods.


Able electropolished both parts as an assembly using their unique proprietary racking and electropolishing process. Each component had a uniform bright finish without discoloration or unpolished areas on the head or washer. In addition, the electropolishing removed slight burrs on the threads which reduced the chance of galling.

Machining After

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