Electropolishing Case Study: Food Service Wireform

Wireforming welding Before

Wireforming welding After




Wireforming and welding


304 Stainless Steel


This shelf is used in a food service application. The customer needed a clean assembly with a surface that is resistant to corrosion. The customer also desired to remove weld discoloration. Finally, the surfaces needed to be easily cleaned with minimal food adhesion.


Electropolishing removed the weld discoloration and sub-surface contamination. This improves the corrosion resistance, while giving the part a decorative look that will not peel, flake or compromise any product it comes in contact with. Electropolishing also gives the material a smoother surface making it easier to clean.

Note to Engineer: Electropolishing is used in a wide variety of applications where product adhesion is a problem. Wire as drawn and formed is quite porous with numerous surface irregularities. As food or other product is put in contact with that surface, adhesion occurs much the same as paint adheres more effectively on a rough surface. By dissolving surface metal and smoothing the surface, electropolishing creates a “non-stick” surface that is of major benefit to the food and other industries.

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