Electropolishing Case Study: Semiconductor immersion heater with surface contamination needing to pass high standard testing.

#1059 Brite Ultracleaning/Brite Passivation/Brite Microfinishing


Electronic/Communication - Manufacturers of immersion heaters and elements for semiconductor use.



Machining and Laser Welding


316 Stainless Steel


This complex and expensive assembly is used in a critical semiconductor application. The customer needed to meet very stringent surface cleanliness standards as well as meet high corrosion resistance specifications.


The customer found that after electropolishing, the parts were clean and passive and more resistant to corrosion than parts not treated. The electropolishing also smoothed out the surfaces inside and out, meeting the semiconductor industry needs.

Note to engineer: Electropolishing has long been an approved process for the semiconductor industry. Outgassing and particulate contamination can easily destroy expensive product batches. Pre-and post process handling is critical on these components to avoid damage as well. We have significant experience handling such expensive and critical components.


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