Electropolishing Case Study: Pharmaceutical machined part needing a surface that would not harbor bacteria.

#1054 Brite Ultracleaning/Brite Microfinishing



Pharmaceutical - Manufacturers of containers for medical, pharmaceutical and biological laboratories




316 Stainless Steel


The customer needed extremely clean parts that are used in biological labs, and pharmaceutical labs. After mechanically polishing, they needed to insure that all surfaces were clean and smooth, free of contaminants and crevices where bacteria could gain a foothold.



The electropolished surface reduced surface irregularities by 50%, while removing contaminants imbedded in the surface. Smoothing the surface also lessened the opportunity for bacteria to grow because electropolishing follows the contour of the material. Electropolishing also gives the part a clean and passive surface 30 times more corrosion resistant than ordinary passivation.

Note to engineer: We highly recommend experimentation using electropolishing to meet very specific industry standards for cleanliness and corrosion resistance. If you have specific company or industry test standards, we will gladly process samples for you to submit to your own testing parameters. Our staff can provide assistance with recommendations on metal removal standards and data on selected industry standards. Call for details.

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