Electropolishing Case Study: Stainless stamping used in a consumer knife assembly with interior burr problems.

#1053 Brite Microfinishing/Brite Passivation/Brite Deburring



Consumer - Manufacturers of knives


Stamping and forming


17-7 Stainless Steel


This bracket is used in a knife assembly. The customer needed a smooth part free of burrs after stamping. The customer used a vibratory finishing process, but found the media could not penetrate into the enclosed spaces effectively. The customer also wants a part with a pleasing appearance to match the rest of his product. Lastly, high corrosion resistance was desired due to the end use of the product.



All three problem areas were addressed in one step. The geometry of the part doesn’t impede electropolishing, as processing normally occurs on all surface areas. The part brightened to a near chrome finish, and the outer layer of material was removed taking with it any contaminants imbedded in the surface. In addition, electropolishing helped in deburring the part as it cleaned the surface.

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