Electropolishing Case Study: Copper switch component with fine burrs causing pre-mature failure

#1050 Brite Deburring/Brite Ultracleaning



Electronic/Communication - Manufacturers of switch and control components




Beryllium Copper


The customer needed to deburr the part after stamping so no small burrs would cause the switch to fail prematurely or cause malfunction. In addition, this part was designed to be used in a dust free environment requiring a totally clean strip surface.



The customer found that electropolishing removed the burrs that were present after stamping, and saw that the material had no longer contained any contaminants from the stamping process. In addition, Able controlled the stock removal so the parts would still be acceptable under dimensional scrutiny.

Note to engineer: Since 1954, Able has processed a wide variety of switch components subject to high stress or high cycle applications. Removal of surface metal also removes surface stresses induced by forming or blanking operations. By removing surface stresses and tooling marks, flexure and cycle lives are improved. For more information on the use of electropolishing in high cycle applications, contact our technical representatives.

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