Electropolishing Case Study: Aluminum mold used to form automotive hoses. Part needed a clean surface.

#1037 Brite Microfinish/Brite Ultraclean



Automotive - Manufacturers of automotive hoses




6061 Aluminum


The aluminum mandrel is used to mold hoses for the automotive industry. The customer needed a way to smooth the inside of the hoses, and improve the “cleanability” of the mandrel. By improving their ability to keep the mandrel clean they can extend the life of the part.


Electropolishing solved the 2-part problem in one process. After material was removed, the surface now has fewer areas for entrapment of contaminants, improving the ”cleanability” of the mandrel after each use, and the improved surface condition will smooth out the hoses inside diameters.


Note to engineer: Electropolishing is often used on molding surfaces used in the manufacturing of a wide range consumer and industrial products. Removal of surface metal on molding components allows for reduced product adhesion in the manufacturing of frozen confections, deodorant, and a host of other items in a solid or semi-solid state.

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