Electropolishing Case Study: Machined medical part wearing due to metal-to-metal contact

#1034 Brite Microfinishing/Reduced Galling


Medical - Manufacturers of medical devices and equipment




303 Stainless Steel

Reduced Galling


The part depicted is a critical component of a needeless injection system. The part literally rubs against another metal part surface, and the metal-to-metal contact was creating some product performance problems. The customer needed to reduce galling which was leading to premature wear in the device.


Electropolishing smoothed out the surface of the body by removing the outer layer of metal. Subsequent tests showed an improved cycle life of the part.

Note to engineer: Galling is a common problem where intimate contact of metal surfaces occurs. For details on galling, its causes and possible solutions, the fastener industry has done extensive research. If you suspect a galling problem, we can work with you by processing samples.

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