Electropolishing Case Study: Medical part used in oxygen metering needing precise finish improvement

#1032 Brite Microfinishing

Decorative Salvage


Medical - Manufacturers of oxygen breathing apparatus




416 stainless steel


These parts were quite small (note comparison to the paper clip), yet had an important application in a medical assembly. The smaller diameter on the shaft moves up and down in conjunction with other parts. Machining could not get the part smooth enough to operate effectively without causing friction, and wearing of other components prematurely.

Decorative Salvage


Electropolishing improved the surface finish by 50% while reducing friction and undue wear on other working components. Stock removal was precisely controlled to maintain critical part dimensions.

Note to engineer: Electropolishing will normally reduce Ra values by 50% with normal amounts of metal removal. If your part has critical dimensions, you can machine surfaces oversize (or undersize in the case of bores or holes) to allow for our metal removal. With proper design and planning, your part can be both of proper surface finish and size, ready for final assembly.

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