Electropolishing Case Study: Fastener needing removal of heat treat discoloration

#1031 Decorative/Salvage

Decorative Salvage


Other - Manufacturer of fasteners




303 stainless steel


Our customer had heat treated 30,000 303 stainless steel ‘Stop Nuts’ by accident. As a result, the entire batch of parts were highly discolored and heavily oxidized. They were looking to remove the heat treat discoloration and oxidation to salvage these parts.


We electropolished a small sample lot to clean and brighten the heavily discolored ‘Stop Nuts’. The samples came out brite passive and free of heat treat discoloration. Our customer approved the electropolished samples and sent us the order for 30,000 pieces. They avoided scrapping out several thousand dollars of material by electropolishing.

Decorative Salvage

Note to engineer: We routinely salvage a wide range of parts. As is often the case, by the time we get the call, the project has reached the emergency stage. We can respond to your needs quickly if you can submit:

1. A representative sample of the current problem
2. A representative sample of an approved part
3. Blueprints depicting critical surfaces or tolerances

If your scrap room is hiding some oversized or contaminated parts, we may be able to free up some inventory and lower your costs.

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