Electropolishing Case Study: Aluminum reflector needing bright reflective finish

#1029 Decorative/Microfinish

Decorative Microfinish






Aluminum - 1100 Aluminum alloy


The Reflector is fabricated by ‘spinning’. When the reflector is spun it has rough circular lines. The lines are polished down using mechanical polishing methods. Polishing achieves a smooth but dull finish. Polishing compounds are imbedded into the surface metal. The polishing compounds are oxides that contaminate the surface. This critical reflector is used in military fighter aircraft.


We electropolished samples and concentrated on the important reflective areas. Our customer required special handling throughout the process. Our customer chose Able Electropolishing to provide a clean and bright reflective surface. For over ten years Able Electropolishing has been the supplier of electropolishing on this critical component.

Note to engineer:The combination of mechanical and electropolishing offers superb finish characteristics. However, surfaces that are mechanically polished and buffed prior to electropolishing need special processing steps and grit combinations for maximum benefit. For more details on getting the two processes to work together for maximum results, please contact our offices.

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